Your garage doesn’t just function as a place to keep your car – you use that space to help organize your home. But, more often than not, without the right garage storage system, it can become a dumping ground for tools, sports equipment and anything else taking up room in your house. Never fear, here are a few tips that will help create a neat and tidy space that makes everything easy to find.

Extend your kitchen pantry
Buying groceries and other supplies in bulk has budgetary benefits, but if you don’t have the storage space in your pantry or kitchen cabinets, use your garage! Try an easy-to-install wall storage system that has bins and shelves which are perfect for organizing your items. Put canned goods in durable plastic bins you can reach with ease. Store bigger items like bulk paper towels on lower shelves to keep things off the floor. Using your garage to store grocery items, you can double the size of your pantry!

Mini closet mudroom
If you prefer shoes to stay outside, turn the space in your garage into a mini mudroom. Install a set of tall wall-mounted storage cabinets close to your door and use them to store shoes, umbrellas and coats before you enter the house. Adjustable shelves inside the cabinets can hold hats, gloves and smaller items so they’re not lost in a jumble. An innovative wall storage clears the floor of a pileup of shoes and keeps your garage looking clean.

Garage craft studio
Does someone in your family have a hobby that tends to make a mess? Crafting, painting, and even building small machines can often require major cleanup afterward. Give your serious crafter a place to work that won’t leave your home in disarray. A custom-designed workstation has a counter your crafter can pull a stool up to, easy-to-reach plastic bins which they can rearrange any way they like, and cabinets to hold all their supplies and tools.

Special place for pet supplies
Pets’ toys, blankets, beds and carriers can sometimes leave behind a smell. For a fantastic solution, try installing a storage bin next to your garage door. The soft-framed bin can hold all your pets’ supplies and the nylon mesh material allows it all to breathe. Just toss toys into the bin and they’ll be waiting there the next time your pet wants to play.


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