Keeping your garage clutter-free is easier than you think, what with all the organizational tools at your disposal. Wall storage systems elevate your belongings off the floor and provide you with components to easily hang and use your items. However, whether you're installing a workstation or wall hooks, you need to make sure you place them at the right height. If your workbench is too tall or too short, using it will become uncomfortable. With that in mind, here are tips for hanging your workbench:

Check the height
If you use your garage to maintain your vehicles, cut wood or otherwise work, you need a workstation. These storage components can hang on your wall panel, but the height at which you attach them is very important. Whether you stand and work or add a stool to your station, placing it at a comfortable height will ensure you won't get aches and pains after spending hours on a project.

Standard workbench height is 34 inches, but every body is different. Measure how high your thumb is off the ground when you have your hands resting by your sides. This is the most comfortable height to place your workstation – the surface of the bench should rest at your thumb height.

Think location
Where you place the workstation in your garage matters – near the large door may be too noisy or distracting, for example. Decide if you want to be near high-traffic areas and the location of your other belongings. If you plan to use your workstation to repair small car parts, you probably want to hang it near your other tools. 

Look at the layout of your garage, as it might give you some ideas. For instance, if you have a nook built-in to your garage, your workbench might fit there perfectly and provide you with some privacy.

Consider lighting
Whether you whittle or fix cars, you need good lighting to get the job done. Most garages only have one overhead light, which isn't enough to illuminate your workspace. Before you hang your garage storage system, make sure the workstation will have access to light, which may mean installing more fixtures. You should hang the bench in an area where you can later add light if you need to. 

Seek outlets
Going off of lighting, your workstations should hang near outlets. If you have to plug in lamps, your radio or power tools, you want to make sure the cords extend to the place where you work without having to use extensions. Of course, you may choose to plug in a power cord that has multiple outlets – that way, you can use all the tools, lamps, etc. that you need from your workbench. Organize your wires so you don't trip on them while you work.

Hanging a workstation in your garage will give you space and privacy to complete your hobbies. With these tips, that bench will feel comfortable and have everything you need to get to work.