Having an organized home office is essential for productivity and success. Clutter spread across your desk will only serve as a distraction from getting your work done. We know how tough it is to keep papers, letters and office supplies clean and tidy. The key to de-cluttering your space? Organization and storage solutions. Here are a few ideas that can help you clean up your home office:

Control cables and wires
Cords, wires and cables that come from chargers, computers, keyboards and mouses can create quite a mess on your desk. If you don't have the option to go wireless, corral all your cords together using simple plastic ties. Place removable hooks on the inside of your desk cabinets to store cords that you don't use as often.

Take advantage of wall space
Clear off space on your desk by taking advantage of vertical storage. Wall cabinets and wall mount shelves are great places to store anything from printers and paper to small office supplies like staples and paper​ clips. Another trick is to place a bulletin board or canvas on your wall and cover it with a square of sheet metal. You can then use magnets to post up important deadlines, pictures, to-do lists or calendars.

Repurpose items
There are lots of items that can be transformed into perfect storage solutions for your home office. For example, spare ice cube trays or old vintage teacups can be organized on the surface of your desk to hold tiny office supplies, like paper clips, Post-it notes, staples or stamps. Another storage option would be to find an old window shutter and hang it up on your office wall as a decorative way to display notes, pictures or memos. A toothbrush holder can be used to store pens, pencils and markers.

Use a mail holder
It's easy for stacks of letters and cards to pile up on your desk and create a mess. A simple way to keep those items organized is with a mail holder. The piece can sit in a corner of your desk and keep all of your envelopes, cards and letters neatly tucked away.

Have a wastebasket nearby
Instead of keeping clutter on your desk, have a wastebasket and a recycling basket nearby. This will keep your home office sparkling clean and prevent you from having to head to the kitchen to throw away or recycle something.

Create a chalkboard wall
Think about transforming one of the walls in your home office by covering the surface with chalkboard paint. This way, you can ditch the Post-it notes and scrap paper and use the chalkboard wall to jot down deadlines, create to-do lists and write down phone numbers. With information posted up on the wall, nothing can get lost.

Use a folding screen
If your home office is also located in your kitchen, living room or bedroom, you can separate the workspace with a simple folding screen. This helps keep your office away from distractions, allowing you to be productive throughout the day.


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