Hidden Storage Solutions In Your Home

You have no doubt experienced a time when you wished you had more hidden storage available in your home. Especially when your house is a mess and you’ve just received a five-minute warning that guests will be dropping by.

There are countless options available to help you organize your home, and organization is truly the key to keeping items stored out of sight. Below are some ideas that are both practical and unique to get your creativity flowing and help you find the right hidden storage for your home.

Find the Unused Spaces

If you really think about it, there is a lot of unused space in your home; you might need to be creative to find it, but it’s there. Think about the space between your fridge and the wall, or all of that wasted space under your bed. The space by the fridge is the perfect place to store a tall rolling spice rack, while beneath your bed is excellent for shoving bins or bags of clothes and shoes.


When you’re looking for a multipurpose piece of furniture to help you secretly store items, ottomans should be at the top of the list. Ottomans are excellent for use not only as a place to put your feet up or use as extra seating, but also a place to store blankets, games, and DVDs to keep them out of sight.

Closet and Pantry Storage Organization

Maximizing the storage space within the pantry and closets in your home is very important. Although this space is already hidden behind closed doors, choosing to add storage solutions to organize the space allows you to get more use from the space.

Over-the-door shoe organizers, and even the ones that hang on a clothing rod, offer you an efficient and inexpensive way to compartmentalize not only shoes, but craft supplies, kitchen spices, and even cleaners.

Unique Storage Solutions

For those who are looking for something more specific, there are some very unique storage solutions available.

Consider the stairs in your home. Think of how much empty space there is below them. Now imagine turning your stairs into secret compartments that open to reveal a hidden area, or pull out to reveal drawers.

The space beneath a bed is often used for storage, but imagine how much more you could store with the use of a pivoting bed. With a separate metal frame installed within the main frame of the bed, the mattress can easily be lifted up to reveal a hidden compartment perfect for keeping bedding, or concealing valuable items.

Whether you’re looking for hidden storage solutions that are practical, or quite unique, a little online research will yield more than enough results to keep you busy and help you discover types of storage you never knew you needed!

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