Decorating your home for the holidays can easily feel more like a marathon than a hobby. Once October starts, it’s off to the races. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve—it all comes so quickly, with barely a minute to breathe in between.

Transitioning your home from fall to winter to spring, while accommodating all these holidays can feel impossible. It’s easy to become lazy and complacent about decorating ideas that were so exciting just a few weeks ago.

Here are a few simple ways you can make transitioning between seasons and holidays a lot simpler. Nothing will be in the way of you finishing your dream decor!

1. Make Core Items Multipurpose

Small decorations, like wreaths and mantel accessories, can easily be traded out as the seasons change. But essential items that are more difficult to switch, like candles and stringed lights, can be chosen to fit multiple seasons.

Orange-tinted lights will work for Halloween and Thanksgiving and white candles go with every season. Use garland and other small accessories to spice up these items for each holiday.

2. Utilize Overhead Storage

You can be deterred from picking up those new ornaments you love if you don’t have space to store them.

To maximize your garage storage space, utilize overhead areas—like the ceiling. That will keep clutter away while leaving your decorations accessible for quick transitions.  

3. Keep Linens Pristine

After a long day cooking, cleaning, and decorating, the last thing you want to do is iron the tablecloth. Instead, use skirt hangers to store seasonal linens, so they lay out perfectly smooth.

If you’re looking for other garage storage ideas, and space is more of an issue than time, consider using vacuum-storage bags to categorize and store your linens. Keep holiday tablecloths, runners, and sheets together so you don’t have to dig through your garage cabinets to find the right pieces.

4. Store Smarter

Simplifying storage is all about labeling. If you want to remember the perfect spot for a decoration, put a piece of masking tape on it and write the location so you know where it goes next year.

You can also label each box with a short bullet list of what’s inside so you don’t have to look through seven Halloween storage bins to find the inflatable ghost you love. And when you store decoration boxes, stack them in order: fall decorations in the front, winter decorations in the back.

5. Color Code

If hand-writing labels isn’t your thing, use storage supplies that do the job for you. Color code bin lids—orange for Halloween, red for Christmas—so you know exactly where everything is with a quick scan of the room.

You can also use clear bins so you can see into them. You still might have to dig a little, but it will be a lot easier than guessing which of the 20 cardboard boxes has your Thanksgiving wreath.   

6. Keep Track

Have you ever asked yourself, “How many strands of lights do I actually have?” Or, “Did I buy three or four new stockings last year?”

To keep from buying things you already have and forgetting things you don’t, keep a decorating notebook. There you can mark what you have, what you need to replace, and what you have yet to get.

7. Practice Purging

As you transition from season to season, you’re sure to find some new items to add to your repertoire. There is nothing wrong with buying new, trendy decorations, but they build up quickly over the years if you never throw anything away.

As you go through your decorations this year, pull out old or damaged items and make a note to replace them on the shelves. Your storage area will become instantly condensed, and you get a good excuse to go shopping!


Don’t let the seasons pass you by. Enjoy every moment by simplifying your storage systems. Planning and practice will make transitioning between the seasons a breeze, so you can finally focus on the things that matter most over the holidays.