How many times have you walked into your garage to finally organize your stuff, seen the daunting task ahead of you, and turned around and walked right back inside? It’s fair to say that most of us have conceded defeat to the beast that is garage organization.

Your car doesn’t have to get kicked out of the garage to make room for your stuff. You don’t even need to move those holiday decorations out of the garage! The answers to all your garage storage problems have been right in front of you the whole time and you didn’t even know it.

Here are seven tools you maybe didn’t know about that can take your garage organization game to the next level!

1. Hooks

Fact: Bicycle tires go flat faster when the bike is standing upright on the ground. By simply installing a couple hooks on your garage wall, you can prevent rapid tire deflation and possible water damage from potential flooding.

The wonderful thing about garages is that they are rarely used for entertaining guests. So screwing in a few garage hooks on the walls or ceiling doesn’t matter. Sports equipment, garden tools, ladders, chairs, and pretty much anything else you can think of can instantly take up less space in your garage when put on a hook.  

2. Wall Shelves

Installing or building shelves in your garage can be exhausting just to think about. But not when you realize that installing shelves that fit right into the wall might only take 15 minutes. It’s as simple as planning where you want the garage shelving to go, finding the wall studs, using a level to make sure their even, and screwing them in.

It’s especially easy when you use a Flow Wall panel. Once the panel is installed, you have instant access to wall shelving that can save you tons of space. The best part is that because you used the Flow Wall panel, the shelves are able to be adjusted literally in a snap.

3. Cabinets

I know what you’re thinking. “Why would I move one more big thing into my garage like a cabinet just to take up more space?” It’s an honest question. We’re here to tell you that if you install cabinets the right way, you’ll wonder how you ever went without them in your garage.

Once again, the Flow Wall panel is here to make your struggle much easier. Flow Wall garage storage cabinets fit right into the panel, making them completely adjustable. Want them up high? Just two snaps, and they’re at eye level and out of the way, leaving plenty of room on your garage floor.

Another big bonus of cabinets is that, unlike shelving, they protect against the elements. So grandma’s snow globe collection that somehow ended up as your responsibility can be stored safely.

4. Bins

You may think that bins have the same bulky problem as cabinets, but that’s not necessarily the case. One of the most frustrating things about garage storage isn’t what to do with the big stuff, it’s what to do with the little things. Random screws, tools, and small toys, can be organized perfectly in bins.

Garage storage bins, like the ones available from Flow Wall, are ideally suited for storing sporting equipment, children’s toys, or other things that you’ll use frequently, but not necessarily want inside your home all the time. Plus, like everything else from Flow Wall, they easily snap right onto the wall panel, making them easily adjustable.

5. Lofts

One of the ultimate space-saving installations that you can make in your garage is a storage loft. Lofts are ideal for storing seasonal items that you may only use a few times per year. No one likes to go out into their garage in the middle of summer and see Christmas decorations all over the place. Installing a loft makes all your holiday decoration storage problems simply disappear.

Lofts take more time to install than other storage tools and are a lot more complex, so make sure, if you choose to build one, that you plan it out carefully. If necessary, discuss your loft’s construction with a professional or a neighbor who has already constructed one.

6. Magnets

Magnets aren’t the first thing that pop into your brain when you think storage tools, but they have proven incredibly useful for organizing a garage. Garages are often the place where tools are both worked with and stored, and magnets can provide a wonderful, clean-looking storage option for them.

Flow Wall’s magnet hook is perfect for storing things like hand tools, key chains, garden tools, or any other small metal object you can think of. Do you have a ton of random screws in your tool box but can never seem to find the one you want? The magnet hook can make all those nuts, bolts, and screws easily accessible and easily organized.

7. Bungee Cords

Sometimes it can be really difficult to store things like balls, stuffed animals, or other objects that are more prone to falling or rolling away. Sometimes just a standard shelf won’t cut it. Using bungee cords to keep things like that in place may be just what you need.

Ever notice how the giant Nerf balls are stored at Walmart? Same concept. Take a few bungee cords, attach one end to one shelf, stretch out the other end and attach it to another shelf, and before you know it, you have a nice convenient method of storing roll/fall away objects.


You don’t need to be intimidated by the organization disaster in your garage any more. Whether it’s sporting equipment, camping gear, holiday decorations, or just boxes of random stuff, there are plenty of tools out there to help you organize the clutter in your life.

Take back your garage!