Autumn is your last opportunity to hold a garage sale – once winter weather arrives, you won't want to sit on your driveway trying to sell your belongings. Before the solstice, gather up all the goods you no longer use and sell them to make way for an organized garage. However, before you start advertising your big sale, take a look at these tips to help ensure the event earns you some extra cash:

Organize your space
Your garage storage system keeps your belongings organized, so take a cue from that when you set up your sale. You want shoppers to feel comfortable, not confused when looking at your belongings. Here are some basic tips for setting up a space that flows:

  • Put the good finds on your driveway: Nice furniture, bikes or cool toys should all be set out front where passersby can see them. These items will help draw people in. Anything you consider unique or a good find should be highlighted.
  • Set up by type: Keep like items together so shoppers know where to look. You can even add labels for things like "kitchen," "toys" or "clothes." Think of how your favorite stores sort their goods and follow suit.

Move the things you'll keep
You need to somehow differentiate between the items that are for sale and those you simply keep stored in your garage. Some homeowners only place sale items on their driveway so shoppers don't have a chance to enter their garages. You can also place the things you're holding onto inside wall cabinets. That way, no one will see your belongings, as they'll be hidden behind cabinet doors. 

Of course, your power tools, ladders, shovels, etc., probably hang on wall hooks, making them more difficult to keep out of sight. Try setting up tables in front of your wall storage system, blocking shoppers from checking out hanging items. The tables can be filled with things you're selling or act as your transaction counter. Sit behind a table to further direct people to the right goods. 

Include a free pile
Some of your belongings may not sell. Either they're damaged or not in style. Consider labeling these items as free and using them to attract customers. Place a free pile well in sight so passersby will notice it. Even if the items don't ultimately catch their interests, the main goal of the free pile is to bring people to your sale – besides, who can pass up free stuff?

While having eye-catching items and a free pile up front may attract pedestrians to your garage sale, advertising will be even more beneficial for turn out. Use social media, hang posters in the neighborhood or place an ad in your local paper to announce your upcoming sale.

Get the neighbors involved
Talk to your neighbors and see if they'd be interested in having a garage sale at the same time as you. Having a whole street sell their belongings is more likely to attract attention than a single house. People are more willing to take time out of their day when they think their chances of finding at least one cool item are high.