Do you ever feel like your pet is taking over your home? Pets bring a lot of joy and love, but they also bring a lot of stuff and potential mess. Organizing it all can seem like a big task. Above all, your organizational system needs to make sense. Not only should all of your pet supplies fit, but your storage should also have a logical flow. Common sense organizational systems are easier to maintain long-term.

Break your pet supplies down into functional categories. Everything related to food and treats should be kept together; grooming supplies should be kept together; your walk supplies should be kept together, etc. A versatile storage system like slatwall paneling can help keep your home tidy and functional.

How to Organize Food and Treats

For some reason, many dogs and cats tend to find the food still in the bag more appealing than the food in their bowls. If pet food is not kept out of reach, you may find yourself dealing with a big mess and a sick pet. Secure pet food storage is a must.

Airtight containers can make your pet food storage easier and keep the food fresh. Fill pourable, airtight containers with dog food, and store large, open bags in cabinets to keep them out of the way. You can also fill airtight containers with treats for easy access.

Store these containers on a shelf that is high enough to prevent your pets, (or any well-meaning child accomplices) from accessing the food and treats.

How to Organize Medicine

Pets will get into whatever is within their reach. Pet-proof storage is a must in order to keep your pooch safe. Ingesting too much medicine can be dangerous for your pet (or curious child). It’s important to keep pet medications out of reach and, preferably, out of sight to keep your pet safe. Elevated cabinets or drawers are a great way to keep your pet’s medicines organized with limited access. Use small bins to keep medications organized by pet or by use.

If you often forget whether you’ve given your pet their medicine already, you can make an easy checklist calendar and tape it on the cabinet door.

How to Organize Grooming Supplies and Toys

Depending on your pet’s species and breed, you might sometimes feel like you have more grooming supplies for your four-legged-friend than you have for yourself. Removable, hanging bins are an excellent organizational tool for these supplies.

Depending on how many grooming supplies you have, you should organize everything into either one or two bins. If you choose to use two, separate your items into two categories: regular grooming and bathtime.

When you need to groom your pet, instead of trying to juggle all of your supplies that end up strewn across the room (or your house), simply take down the desired bin and bring it with you to wherever you groom your pet. Once you are done, you can throw everything back into the bin and hang it right back up. The same principle applies to baths. It’s an easy, portable solution for your organizational needs.

Bins are also perfect for dog toy storage. If you use slatwall panels, you can hang the bins as high or as low as you want. Instead of dealing with toys spread across the living room because your toy box was on the ground, you can pick and choose a toy or two to play with at a time.

How to Organize Walk Supplies

When it comes time to take your dog for a walk, do you have to search the house for the leash or waste bags? Don’t waste your energy searching the house before you make it out the door, hang up your supplies.

Hooks make excellent dog leash holders. Hooks are a simple organizational tool that allows easy access, so your teenagers can’t use not being able to find the leash as an excuse to not walk the dog. Additional supplies, like waste bags, portable water dishes, etc. can easily be held in a hanging bin next to the leash hook.

Your pets are members of the family, and they deserve a well-organized space. You’ll be able to spend more quality time with your pets with a well-organized pet storage system.