Setting up the perfect winter garage may seem like a dream. After all, you’ve got skis, snowboards, sleds, and a whole variety of other gear that seems to multiply and take over every inch of floor space. But don’t dismay, a beautifully organized winter garage is only a slatwall away. This one item can be customized a thousand different ways to keep your stuff off the ground and right at hand so you can quickly run out to the slopes whenever the snow is calling.

Ski Rack

A wall ski rack is seriously the best way to go to keep your investment from getting nicked or kicked. When choosing the right ski hooks, look for ones made of high tensile, powder-coated steel that won’t rust or scratch when storing wet skis and poles on them. Don’t forget to hang your helmet!

Snowboard Storage

If you have boarders in the family, you’ll want a snowboard wall rack that is hefty enough to store your heavy gear year after year. Again utility hooks made of high tensile, powder-coated steel is the way to go to protect your expensive items from rust and scratches.

Sled Storage

Sleds, sleighs, tubes, and toboggans can bring your family some of the greatest fun over the winter season. But storing them? Oh, dear. They take up so much space! Put them away and still have room to park your car in the garage by using large hooks, powder-coated wire shelves, or bins complete with drain holes. All of these options allow quick and easy storage while letting your wet toys properly dry.

Snowshoe Storage

The number one way to keeping your snowshoes in tip-top condition season after season is to store them in a cool, dry place. This means, unless they are sufficiently dry first, you shouldn’t store them inside their carrying case. Also, since snowshoes come with sharp metal pieces that can easily puncture skin, they should not be stored anywhere a passerby could brush up against them or step on them. That’s why hooks or wire shelves hung on a slatwall are the perfect spot for keeping them out of the way.

Boot Storage

It’s surprising how much space is taken up by a few pairs of boots. That’s where boot trays, wire shelves, or wall hooks come in. No more will you be left searching for your left boot.

Miscellaneous Winter Item Containers

Coats, gloves, hats, oh my! With the cold weather also comes plenty of cold weather gear. There are plenty of containers you can use for custom storage. That’s the beauty of slatwall paneling for garage storage. Everything from storage cabinets, bins, basket, shelves, and hooks attach right to it so your gear will be kept clean, dry, and off of the garage floor.

Don’t let your home become overrun with winter gear dumped into piles and strewn all about. Instead, dedicate a spot for everything so each item can be found and grabbed on the way out of the house. Upon returning, everyone will know exactly where it all belongs, and a clean, organized home will become your dream come true.

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