The garage houses a lot of our important tools and toys, but those items can add up fast. When it comes to garage storage, conserving space and using your garage wisely is always a challenge, and big, awkwardly-sized items make it that much more difficult to do.

Are there a few items that you just can’t quite find a place for? Those bulky objects get in our way too, so we found the best solutions for giving these items a good home. There are a few options for every skill level and budget, so don’t rule out finding a better, more organized solution for any of these items.

Here we go.

1. The Lawn Mower

Mowers are one of the most difficult items to store. They are used a lot during one season, and then not at all during another, they’re large, oddly shaped, and not very weather resistant.

If you can, store your lawn mower in an outdoor shed. There, you can make it easily accessible during the summer and bury it in the back for winter, and you’ll keep it safe from the elements while keeping it out of the garage.

If that isn’t an option, consider installing a lift in your garage that can easily hoist the mower over your car. This keeps the mower from taking up valuable floor space and out of the way during the winter months. There are a lot of options for installing a lift, from building your own to buying a full-fledged kit.

Just make sure you check the weight limit for either system before installing it.

2. The Bicycles

Bicycles are difficult to store partially because they are large, oddly-shaped items, but also because there are so many of them. A family of four may have five or six bikes that fit the growing kids at different stages, even an individual can own a handful of bikes for different terrain.

The goal with bicycle storage is to take advantage of their thin frame by stacking them.

Multi-bike racks, hooks, and floor stands make it easy to stack two to four bikes on top of each other with ease. If you use bikes regularly and have the floor space, a stand makes the most sense.

If you don’t have extra space and use bikes sparingly, go for the rack.

There are some other options if you want to be more frugal or technical. A large nail and bungee cord can easily be used to store a single bike on the wall. Or you can hoist bikes overhead and take advantage of the extra ceiling space in your garage. This quick video will show you how to do either option.

3. The Wheelbarrow

Can you think of a piece of gardening equipment more awkward than a wheelbarrow?

These handy tools serve an essential purpose in your tool arsenal, but storing them is never easy.

Again, this is an item that would be great to store in an outdoor shed if you have one or have space to build one. If that isn’t an option, you’ll want to find ways you can get this tool off the floor.

One option is wall storage. There are various hooks and clips that have been designed to hang your wheelbarrow on the wall. If wall storage isn’t an option, you can also make a lift that will hoist your wheelbarrow overhead.

4. The Motorcycle

Motorcycles can be difficult to store because they take a lot of maintenance, most of which you may not know. When storing your motorcycle for the winter months, make sure to drain all the gas. Gas rots, so you need to drain it or use a fuel stabilizer to keep it from going bad when your motorcycle isn’t in use.

When you cover your motorcycle, make sure you use a breathable material. Just using a plastic tarp that doesn’t breathe can trap dust and moisture inside, causing the metal to rust. You also want to make sure the location you store your motorcycle is dark. Even the smallest amount of sunlight can fade your shiney paint job. If your garage has a window, keep the motorcycle far from it.

5. The Refrigerator

Whether you need a second fridge for overflow groceries or bulk food storage, the garage seems like a great place to put it. But, unfortunately, the opposite is true.

Refrigerators are directly affected by the surrounding temperature. Which means the fridge will have to work extra hard to keep your food cold in the summer, burning up energy and blowing up your monthly bill.

In the winter, most fridges will stop cooling food when temperatures drop below 60 degrees, meaning your food could inadvertently go bad after a series of chilly days.

Keep your extra fridge in a more temperature-controlled space. The basement or storage space under the stairs is a better option.


Great garage storage tips can be hard to find. Bottom line, the more effort you put into organizing that space, the more opportunities you’ll have to maximize garage use.

By finding better storage options for the large, oddly-shaped items, you open up space for a workbench, athletic equipment, a gardening center, or holiday storage. That makes the garage more than just a storage unit, but a fulfilling room that adds value to your home, and your life.

What big or awkward items are you struggling to store in your garage?