If you or your family members regularly repair things around the house or construct things, you probably have a library of screws, nails and bolts. With various sizes, heads and threads, these components have unique purposes, but keeping them in order can be difficult – you don't want to look for a hex bolt and grab a carriage bolt by mistake. Fortunately, storing them (along with your other tools) in the garage can make building and repairing a quicker and easier job. No matter what you use screws, nails and bolts for, this guide can help you keep them organized:

Get enough storage components
You can attach wall bins to your garage storage system to hold various screws, but you have to make sure to get enough and the right kind. Start by cataloging the types of fasteners you have – five kinds means you'll need at least five bins. Then take a look at your bin options. Small hard bins are your best choice, as they'll contain all your fasteners without being too big – you don't want to waste valuable wall space.

If you have five types of fasteners, let's say, you may decide to purchase more than five bins. That way, if you ever get more nails, you'll have a place to put them. Imagine any future projects and the kinds of fasteners they require, and let that guide you in how many bins you buy. 

Label your bins
While you probably can tell a 1/8 from a 1/4-inch diameter when holding your nails, labeling your bins makes selecting the right fastener much easier. When you go to grab one or put one away, you won't have to do the size-comparison dance.

You don't even have to own a fancy label maker to mark your fasteners. Place tape (whether it's painter's or masking) on each bin, then write the name of the fastener on the tape. If you need to remove your label for whatever reason, you can do so without leaving glue residue and tape marks. Simply aim a blow dryer at the tape, then peel when the adhesive is warm.

Pick a good storage spot
Don't hang your fastener bins off in their own corner of the garage. You use them with your drill, hammer and screw drivers, so you should hang the bins near those tools. That way, when you grab the fasteners, you can also pick up the right tool for the job. 

Consider hanging your hammers and drills using wall hooks – snatching them up will be quick. 

Put your fasteners away
A good organization system doesn't work if you don't stick with it. After you're done with a project or as soon as you buy new fasteners, put them away. Also, be mindful of your labels. You can introduce your storage system to your family. That way, whenever they use tools or fasteners, they'll know where to return the items.