The Midwest has been unseasonably cold during November, but that only highlights that winter is on the way. As falling leaves turn to falling snow, you may be excited to bust out your sports gear. From skiing to snowshoeing, the season of cold-weather fans is upon us. Of course, that means you'll want your equipment to be easy to access – can't let that sudden perfect snow go to waste when there's cross-country skiing to be done! With gloves on and ski wax at the ready, here are some garage organization strategies that will make winter more fun:

Hang your gear
Skis, ski poles, snowboards, snowshoes, sleds etc., can all hang on your garage walls. Storing them this way saves floor space and makes them easy to load into your car when it's time to explore the great white wilderness – by which we mean the tundra that is the local ski hill. Wall hooks are the best tool for the job, as they can carry plenty of weight, lock into wall storage systems and be reconfigured with ease. Hanging your equipment makes it simple to grab and lets it drip dry after your adventures.

Wipe it all down 
Speaking of which, you'll likely come home after a day on the slopes carrying dripping equipment. Your garage is most likely warmer than the outdoors, so all that snow will soon melt into water, which isn't friends with your metal equipment. Snowboards and skis alike are vulnerable to rust, but wiping off condensation can help prevent it. Make drying your gear a habit before hanging it on your wall storage system – hanging the items will help them drip dry too. 

Furthermore, keeping the edges of your skis and snowboards sharp helps prevent rust. At the beginning of the season, get your equipment sharpened to help fend off oxidation.

Use a bin for smaller items
If your skis use wax, or you grab goggles to use on the slopes, you want to make sure you can easily snatch your stuff before heading out for the day. Storing those items in bins on the wall next to your larger equipment is a good option. You can put wax in one bin and glasses in another, for instance. That way, all your winter sports gear (including the little items) will be together. You can also designate a bin to things like hats and gloves. However, you may want to run them through the dryer before putting them away – bins aren't as conducive to air drying as hooks are.

Stick boots on a shelf
A lot of modern winter sports gear features boots that snap onto a ski or snowboard. Keep these items near the rest of your equipment by adding wall shelves to your garage storage system. Consider hanging the shelves above the rest of your gear. That way, if your skis drip water, the liquid won't get in your boots. After you're done enjoying the beauty of winter, pull out the boots' inserts so they'll dry easier.