Every hobbyist needs an organized and dedicated work area where they can complete new projects. Without one, storing and pulling out your supplies can be a real pain – don't get us started on sharing a craft space with other people! Fortunately, you can grab a section of your garage and use wall mount storage to create a functional work bench. The garage is perfect because you can hammer away at your project without disturbing people elsewhere in your house (your family will thank you). Here are some tips for manufacturing your personal hobby space:

Use workstation storage
Wall mount storage systems that include a workbench are a must. They basically act as desk, because a portion of the counter is open underneath. As you paint model airplanes and construct miniature cars, you'll want to be sitting – crafting those delicate details while on your feet for hours can't be easy. Having the workstation allows you to neatly store a stool beneath the bench, which you can pull out when hobby time comes around.

Additionally, having all the wall cabinets, bins, shelves and hooks the workstations provides will help keep your supplies on hand and organized – every crafter's dream!

Use clever hacks
Wall cabinets mount onto a wall panel, have no back and are empty inside, allowing you to configure them as you wish. For instance, you can mount shelves inside to place paint cans, or hook bins on the panel to store your paint brushes. Having options lets you personalize your hobby space, making crafting easier. Think about where you'll store your tools, whether they're sculpting tools, wood carving equipment or paint kits. Then, pick the storage components that will best meet your needs. 

Hint: Bigger items, such as bottles and paint, sit nicely on a shelf. Small tools stay organized in bins, and large tools (like hammers) can be hung on a wall hook. As an avid model maker, you know that the right tool makes all the difference.

Light your space
While garage overhead lighting will help keep your work area bright, it's not as helpful as a closely placed lamp. Slipping a tiny wing onto the body of a small plane is challenging enough as it is, but without adequate lighting, it's nearly impossible! As such, your workstation will definitely require focused lighting. We recommend taking advantage of mounted, hanging or clamping lights so you don't use up space on your workbench. You can clamp your light on a wall shelf and aim the lamp directly where you work. 

Add additional shelving
In addition to mounting shelving to store your supplies, you should also have a space to lay your drying projects. Whether glue must harden or paint must settle before you continue working, you want your mostly finished items away from the rest of your belongings. That way, you won't accidentally bump it and mess up your efforts. For this reason, consider mounting your shelf a little higher up than the rest of your storage.