The avid sportsman knows that equipment is almost as important as skill. The right lure on a fishing line or an aerodynamic arrow fired from a bow can make or break the day’s accomplishments. While the sportsman lifestyle may have you frequenting ponds, forests and mountain tops, you and your equipment have to come home at some point. Take care of your precious gear so that the next hunting, fishing and boating season is just as good as this one (if not better). Maintenance begins with proper storage. Here are some strategies for how to organize your gear so it’s ready to go when you are:

Clean first
All those nature trips are sure to have gotten your supplies dirty. A little mud certainly doesn’t hurt, but it can if you’re trying to keep your gear in the best shape possible for as long as possible. Before you stash your belongings in garage wall storage, take some time to really clean it off.

Clothing: Your camouflage ensembles keep you hidden from prey, which is why you need to preserve the pattern. Washing your items can cause fading, which isn’t good for those hours spent concealed in the bushes. Preserve the colors and patterns by flipping your clothing inside out before washing it. That way, the detergent will act most heavily upon the inside, which isn’t camo. You should also let the gear air dry to resist wear.

Equipment: Items like your GPS, radio, bow and arrows, etc., should be wiped down before stored. Use a damp cloth to gently remove caked-on dirt. If you need to polish anything, do so. 

If you hunt, fish, boat or camp regularly, you probably have organizational tools like a tackle box. Get your cleaned gear in order, placed in its proper container, whether it be a holster from or other equipment. Once you’ve done that, you can store your items using garage organization tools. Consider dividing your supplies by sport and storing them in separate areas. That way, the camping gear is in one spot and the hunting equipment is in another. Make sure to consolidate your gadgets before putting them away for the season.

Use storage tools
Garage wall storage systems allow you to keep all of your gear in the garage without creating clutter. With cabinets, shelves, hooks and bins, Flow Wall provides you with ways to keep your equipment in good shape year-round.

Fishing poles: Poles can be awkward to store because they are long and slender. For this reason, you may consider using wall hooks to keep them in place. The Gravity Hook allows you to safely store them upright. A series of X-Hooks, on the other hand, will allow you to lay poles sideways against your wall. 

Clothing: A lot of camo clothing has to be stored in special scent-locked bags and containers, which you can keep in your wall cabinets. You can also store your boots on the cabinet floor. 

Boxes: Your tackle boxes and other equipment can be stored neatly on a shelf. You can pick the shelf height so all those items are easy to access.