The garage is a common space for storing items that we don’t really know what else to do with. Soon enough, the floor, walls and ceiling are filled with clutter. The first step to garage organization? Clearing out things that you no longer use or need. But with the amount of items in your garage, this can be a daunting task. Here are a few tips for tackling the mess:

Ask for help
Enlisting friends and family to help you clean out your garage will make the entire process much more manageable and enjoyable. Turn this chore into a social event by asking your loved ones to de-clutter the garage with you. Each person can be in charge of a different area so that the process is much less overwhelming and is accomplished more quickly.

Plan to store
Before you start the process of organizing your items, you must take a catalog of things that will need storage. It’s important to have a plan in place so that you’ll know where to put everything from garden tools to bikes and sporting goods. For instance, a wall-mounted organizational system is great for hanging yard tools – this plan opens up much needed space on the floor. Install hooks on the wall before you start organizing so that you can begin to put items away as you sort through your things.

Start early
You don’t want to still be organizing your garage once the sun goes down. Not only will it be chillier, there will be less light for you to work with. Start in the morning when you’re energized and have the whole day ahead of you to finish the task.

Separate into piles
When you’re going through stored items in your garage, you’ll want to separate everything into piles. Create “keep,” “throw away” and “donate” piles. This way, you’ll know exactly which items have to be reorganized into your garage and which can be tossed into recycling or the garbage. If you plan on throwing away lots of items, it might be helpful to rent a dumpster, especially for large items.

Create zones
Once you narrow down the “keep” pile, you can further group those items into categories like “sports,” “camping,” “gardening,” etc. Store these things in different zones of the garage so you know exactly where to access them when you need to.


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