Nobody wants to designate multiple weekends in a row to getting their garage clean and organized. The good news is, you don't need a month to clean out and organize your garage – all you need is a weekend! Here are some tips to help you go about it:

Ask friends and family
Don't attempt to tackle the organization of your garage alone. Ask other family members and friends to help you out for the weekend. Cleaning always goes much faster when you have multiple hands helping you.

Be prepared with storage supplies
After you clean out your garage, you're going to have to find a spot for everything. This is where organizational tools like bins, boxes and wall mount shelves come in handy. Have all of these tools ready to go before you tackle the cleaning process. This way, you'll have a spot to put everything as you clean, avoiding another mess. Go through your garage and assess what you'll need. If you have several bikes, for instance, you'll need to look into getting wall hooks to hang them up. For sporting equipment, on the other hand, your best bet may be to get clear bins and label them to help you know what's inside.

Clean one area at a time
Cleaning out your garage is going to be a lot less overwhelming if you tackle things one chunk at a time. First, go through the garage cabinets, then move on to one of the walls, and so on.

Take everything out of your garage
It may be tempting to put everything in your garage on the floor, but you'll want to take all of the clutter out to your driveway or another part of the house. This way, you have a blank canvas to work with, and you'll be able to tell what would go best on the walls, on the ceiling, in the cabinets, etc. It's best to work with a clean slate and reorganize your garage from there. You can decide which area of the garage will be best for each purpose.

Clean the floor
If you want your garage to look as clean as it feels, tend to the floors once everything is out. Because concrete is a porous material, it absorbs dirt and grime. Therefore, simply washing the surface with soap and water won't do the trick. Instead, invest in a pressure washer, which can save you the frustration and time of getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing out stains.

Once you're ready to put everything back into your garage, you'll need the right tools to do so. Try hanging clear organization bins on your wall where you can keep all of your sporting equipment handy, from baseball gloves to softballs. Then, designate each cabinet for a different use. For instance, one cabinet can be for keeping your garden tools, while another can be for organizing tools for a workbench. 


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