Wall mount shelves are great for storage, but bookshelves are also perfect for adding style and storage room to any space in your home, whether it's the entryway, living room or bedroom. They make for a beautiful focal point and can be used to store items and put decorative accessories on display. There is a certain art to organizing bookshelves, however. Shelves that are too bare can look boring, while cluttered shelves can appear overwhelming. Here are a few tips for styling and organizing your bookshelves:

Stack books differently
It may be tempting to store all of your books vertically, but by storing novels horizontally and vertically, you can create a visually appealing bookshelf. This method is great for an eclectic design and helps break up the flow of the shelves.

Fill according to style
How you organize your bookshelves will largely depend on the interior design style that you have throughout your home. For instance, if your dwelling reflects a minimalist vibe, you'll want to have a less-is-more approach when filling your bookshelves. Sparsely place items on each shelf, allowing for plenty of open space.

Use unconventional items
Just because it's called a bookshelf doesn't mean that you have to fill every space with books. Instead, rely on decorative items like pictures or antiques you found at the flea market. You can also use empty picture frames to create a geometric design on your shelves – perfect for a modern or contemporary living room!

Group like-colored accessories
Organizing your shelves by color can help create a striking statement. Go through your books and organize them according to hue on each shelf to draw attention to this focal point. 

Keep books upright
Book ends are crucial for ensuring that all of your books stay in one place. But you don't have to go out and purchase them – instead, look for pieces around the house that can be repurposed as book ends. For example, use sturdy pieces of pottery to help items on the shelves stay upright.

Bring in color
If your bookcase tends to blend in with the rest of your home decor, help it stand out by painting it in a bold hue. You can then fill the shelves with accessories in a contrasting shade to highlight the beautiful color differences.

Put books in baskets
Books don't have to sit vertically on your shelves. Instead, you can organize them into decorative baskets. Label the containers with different genres like "mystery," "romance" and "humor" to keep all of your novels organized.


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