We all know those people—the ones who triple their electricity bill on a Christmas light extravaganza. The ones who go all-out with the heart-stopping Halloween spooks. The ones who proudly wave a flag the size of Texas every Independence Day.

Maybe you don’t bring it quite that hard in your holiday decoration game, but you probably have some lights and wreaths strewn around your garage, at least. How do you feel about your organization system? Does it make you cringe whenever you pass it? We can help!

We’ve rounded up some holiday storage ideas to help you get organized. So next time you want to get festive, you’ll have the perfect system for finding your favorite decor.

The Plan of Attack

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Before you can use a new holiday decoration storage system, go through your stuff and ask yourself:

  • Do I use these decorations every year?

  • Is there a better way I could organize these items?

  • Which area of the garage will be best for holiday storage?

  • What could I buy to better organize my holiday decor?

  • Do any of these items need special care?

  • Is there anything I can donate or throw away?

Now that you’ve answered those questions, you’ll have a better idea of how to move forward with…

Storage Supplies!

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Now it’s time to get organized. Take everything out of its box and arrange by holiday. Your Christmas decoration storage may take up the most room, so focus your efforts on organizing those supplies.

Decide what you need to purchase to keep your decorations safely and neatly stored in the garage, then make one shopping trip for everything you need, which might include:

  • Opaque plastic bins (clear bins can cause decorations to fade)

  • Labels

  • Sharpies

  • Sectioned bins for ornaments

  • Bubble wrap

  • String light reels

  • Christmas tree storage bag

  • Wrapping paper container

Storage Tips

Everything has its place!

Have your supplies ready? The next step is quick. Put your decor back into the appropriate containers and place it in an area of the garage that you don’t need to access very often. Make sure you don’t block your access to tools and equipment you use throughout the year!

You can make the process even better if you:

  • Invest in overhead storage shelves to create more space

  • Install wall shelving or cabinets

  • Store wreaths on a clothing rack or long pole

  • Keep fabric and food items inside the house (pests could spoil them)

  • Color code your decorations by holiday

  • Keep garlands in water bottles

  • Use egg cartons for storing ornaments

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