If the changing of the seasons has sparked your desire to redecorate your space, consider some of the hottest design trends for 2014. No matter if you’re looking to remodel a room or just want to spruce up your style with a few touches of color and texture, read on for inspiration:

Bring in the beach
One popular theme designers are showcasing in their designs is a calm, coastal vibe. You can achieve this look in any part of your home, from your living room to kitchen, and even in your laundry or craft space. Images of the ocean evoke soothing thoughts, so bring those elements into your craft room with white washed furniture and accessories. Outfit your craft area’s walls with decor cubes in white to showcase your vacation-inspired accent pieces, like beautiful shells, driftwood you may have collected or a framed painting of boats on the water.

Warm up to wood
Designers are using wood to tie a room’s design together. The texture, warmth and dimension of wood designs can be included in your craft space with wood textured textiles. Upholster your chairs or sofa, use tree-printed paper to spruce up your walls, or include simple decorative pieces that will add an interesting element and focal point to the room. You can also include a few custom built ins woodwork in your room. For that, you can contact relevant service providers like Custom Trim & Woodworks, who can assist you in improving the aesthetics of your room.

Touchable textures
Add interest and dimension to your craft room that will stimulate your creativity. Another hot new trend for 2014 is the inclusion of texture in interior design. Metallics, high-gloss finishes, sequins and mirrors can all pack a punch. Offset your matte wall mount storage fixtures with some eclectic hanging mirrors. Or swap out the handles on your tall cabinets with metallic handles or knobs for a touch of unexpected texture.

Don’t forget about fabrics! Today’s choices for textiles in any room in your home embrace luxurious velvet, organic and earthy suede, and even corduroy. These are elegant but durable fabrics that will hold up to your active lifestyle and will provide the perfect palette for any room design you choose.

Get creative!
In 2014, matching color schemes will be left aside, and exotic prints will blend with graphic patterns. Rooms will do double duty and furniture can be used in different ways. Rather than installing a large desk or filing cabinet in your craft room, opt for a cabinet set that can attractively house all your crafting supplies and offer you a space to rest your creation while you work, without taking up much floor space.

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