Renovating your home is a process that many homeowners like to undertake when they are not happy with certain areas within their homes. Though most of these things don’t get picked up until you actually move in, they can be resolved, provided that you notice the problem before it has a chance to get any worse. For example, if your recent roof inspection has told you that you could do with having better insulation, companies like American Foam Experts (check this site here) and the materials they have at their disposal, can help to make this possible. You will notice a difference in no time. However, if your issues concern a specific room, like your garage, you may be required to go down an alternative route.

Renovating your garage can be a fun and exciting project to tackle this summer. Make the right choices and you might end up increasing your home’s value as well, as simply changing your garage door can pay you back 132% of the replacement costs in terms of overall curb appeal. When it comes to transforming your garage, the possibilities are nearly endless. If you’re having trouble deciding what to do with this part of your home, here are a couple of amazing ideas to get the ball rolling.

Lounge Bar

If you like having a couple of drinks after a hard day at work, you’ll love doing it in your very own garage lounge/bar. All you need is one corner or wall of your garage to make room for a well-lit, well-stocked bar, a dartboard, and a hanging widescreen smart TV for streaming the playoffs. You can also go all out and throw in a surround sound system, or even a vintage pinball/arcade machine if you have the room. You may need the help of an electrician to make sure the wiring enables you to have these things, so it is worth consulting with a contractor like the ones from first. But besides this, you can be sure that entertaining at home will never be the same again!

Garage Garden

Nothing beats the feeling of harvesting and eating food that you grew yourself. A garage can be the perfect space for creating and maintaining your own home garden for vegetables, herbs, and fruits, especially if you don’t have a garden. A hydro garden in your garage is an inexpensive way to grow plants indoors using a sheet of 1-inch thick polystyrene. This could be a great space-saving way of maintaining an all-year round vegetable garden at home. You may want to go ahead with paving your grass garden as well while renovating your garage for the summer season. The garden is low maintenance and can complement your home’s veggie garden. You could also browse garden paving here here to know more about this.

Home Gym

If you’re in need of an area where you can securely hang punching bags, pull-up bars, and other gym equipment, your garage might just have the exposed steel or wooden beams to handle the job. This option can also keep the gym noise at home away from your work or study area and confine it to one semi-outdoor space. Having a well-equipped gym at home is a great way to run out of excuses and finally achieve the fitness level you’ve always desired.


What’s trendier than a cosy Airbnb with modern interiors and its own garage door? You can start by heading online and looking for log cabins for sale, and then pick the one that would fit your garden perfectly. This option of renting out your cabin could allow the garage renovation to completely pay for itself in the long run. And when you’re not renting it out, you can always use it as a guest room, or even as a lounge for when people come over to chill.

Maximize Storage Options

You can also just go down the practical route and turn all renovation efforts towards maximizing storage options. Our garage wall systems are designed for this exact purpose. Cabinets that keep clutter out of sight are a great addition to any auto garage. So are racks that can give you easy access to tools as well as allow you to hang bikes, hoses, and other tools, parts, or appliances, freeing up space on your garage floor. Simple renovations like this can transform any dirty, unkempt garage into an easily manageable workshop with ample space.

Financing Your New Garage
garage remodeling planning

As you can surmise, garage renovation can require a significant amount of both time and money. Whichever of the above-mentioned options you choose, it’s important to plan this type of renovation properly. Before you start working on anything big, you should ensure that you have enough funds to complete the changes you have in mind within a specified time period. To this end, home improvement loans are perfect for your quest to spruce up or renovate your home, as they can be used for a variety of home improvements, repairs, remodels and renovations. The bigger and more complex the renovation project, the more you need to be financially prepared to deal with any problems that might arise along the way. If you do the proper planning before committing to any major changes or renovations, you can better ensure that your summer garage renovation project will go as smoothly as possible.

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