Corners. When it comes to a room with four sides, you really can’t avoid them. Wall, wall, corner. Oh look, there’s another: wall, wall, corner.

We meet our buddies at the corner on the way to class. We run to the corner store when we’re groggily reaching into the fridge for the last gulp of milk. We fight over that coveted, chewy, gooey, corner fudge brownie.

Hey, corners are great! We’re not here to hate on them. We just don’t love them . . . when it comes to our cabinetry. When you combine corners and cabinets, that’s when things get, well, awkward.

If you’re wondering how to solve that corner cabinet quandary, we’ve got you covered. We know cabinets, and we have tons of corner cabinet ideas for your kitchen, bonus room, office, or any other room of the home.

What Kind of Cabinets Look Best in Corners?

Corner cabinets look best when you just try to cover up the fact that they’re actually corner cabinets. Sorry, but we’re not going to let your true colors shine. Showing off a corner cabinet can be really tricky since it’s at a different angle than the rest of your cabinetry. But if you disguise it by making it blend with the other cabinets, you’ve got no problem.

Some folks choose to disguise the corner cabinet by putting in two doors at a 90-degree angle, then adding a hinge and a lazy susan. Another way to disguise the corner cabinet is with a 3-drawer cabinet that has hardware on each side.

How to Position Cabinets in a Corner

If you’re really pushing back on the idea of disguising the corner cabinet, we do have some kitchen corner ideas that involve embracing the look. Tricky as it can be to pull off, when it’s done right, it can look amazing.

One way to embrace the corner cabinet is by scrapping the cabinetry and putting in open shelving. We’re here to tell you this design trend isn’t slowing down any time soon, so bring out the pretty dishes and put them on display.

You can also position the cabinet at an angle, making it obvious that it is a corner cabinet. But don’t forget: you’ll probably need to pull the drawer out completely to access what’s inside. This is also an ideal spot to put a trash can, recycling, or bigger pots and pans. You may also add various appliances to your kitchen corners. You can also take inspiration from reputed restaurants’ kitchens in the utilization of space, placement of appliances (like pizza ovens, food processors, and freezers), and installation of cabinets. Such ideas might help you to enhance the look of your kitchen.

Corner Cabinet Ideas for Any Room

Want some other cabinet ideas for corners? We’re one step ahead of you. Here are some other looks we love for the awkward corner cabinet problem in any room of the house.

  • Rounded cabinetry
  • Small pantry closet
  • Blind corner shelving
  • Floor-to-ceiling shelving
  • Beveled corner
  • Game cabinet
  • Appliance garage
  • Swinging pull-outs

Choose Your Own Corner Adventure

You gotta hand it to us, we’ve given you a lot to think about when it comes to your corners. Choose the corner solution you love, then run with it and don’t look back. No matter what you choose, it will be better than leaving that dreaded dead space. You paid good money for that house, so make use of every square inch!

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