If your home has a traditional triangular-shaped roof, then your attic has bonus storage space. In order to maximize space in this top level in your home, you need to find a smart storage system. With the proper arrangement, you can even install a star-gazing nook for your kids.

However, before starting with the remodeling, you can check out the condition of the roof and might consider getting it repaired. You can get professional help by searching for nearby roofing contractors (like roofer torrance or in other locations).

Prepping the property before any renovation is paramount to the success of your plans. It will not only ensure that the roof of your house is well maintained, but would also eliminate any dampness, if any, so that whatever you store in the attic would be safe, without needing frequent checks. Thus, contacting a reputed Roofing Contractor in your area could be in your best interest before you start the remodeling.

You can get on with interior redesign once you have regarded all the structural repairs. Flow Wall has a complete modular setup that’s up to the task. Here are some ways you can use wall mount storage to transform your attic into an organized space:

The first step is to plan how you will use the space. Think about what you need to store for a long period of time. The belongings that you need to access more often should be stored in your garage or basement. You can dedicate this area to old clothes, books, pictures, furniture or collectible materials.

Next, measure your space. Take your time with this process, because it is an important step. Take accurate measurements of the area below your slanted walls. This is where you will install the modular panel storage system. Really look around the space to take advantage of all the storage opportunities. The slats can be cut down to fit virtually any wall size. The 48 Square Foot Panel Pack is perfect for shorter walls commonly found in attics. The panels easily install in the wall because they come complete with screws, finishing strips and connector dowels.

Lay out
If your attic is small, the Cabinet Shelf Two Pack would be a great option for your space. It allows you to store your belongings without taking up much surface area. However, if you have more space to work with, opt for cabinets. You can pick Jumbo Cabinets and add shelves inside to personalize the unit, or select wall and base cabinets. Base Cabinets in white, maple or gray work well for slanted attics walls.

Customize it
Once you install the panels, shelves and cabinets, you aren’t done. Flow Wall has a range of hooks, decorative bins and cubes to help you completely customize the storage space. There are Horizontal Bike Racks, Racquet Sports Hooks and a Hook and Panel Starter Set so you can begin customizing your attic with ease.

Fill your space
Be sure to employ an organized system of stowing away your belongings once your cabinets and shelves have been installed. Categorize everything into groups like sports, collectibles, housewares and family photos. You can even label your decor bins so you can identify your belongings easily.

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