Basements are amazing for storing everything from your grandpa’s obscure stamp collection to your 20-year supply of peanut butter. All one needs to do is have it regularly maintained by service providers who can help with Concrete Raising Kingston and similar solutions! The basement is your one-stop solution to any storage woes that you might have.

However, if you’re moving from a house that has a basement to a house without one, you may go into panic mode.

Moving to a new house could be a stressful experience. While a moving company could help with packing and shifting all the things to your new place, not having a basement could be a downfall as this is one place where you can get messy with all of your things.

But, never fear! We’re here to help you organize your home in a few easy steps. Basement or no basement, you’ve got this. Here are the best tips for organizing your home without a basement:

Where to Put Things That Usually Go in a Basement

One important thing to keep in mind: You don’t need to renovate your house to have room for all of your stuff. With that little tidbit of information out of the way, we’ve already saved you thousands of dollars, and we haven’t even gotten started!

The thing is, most people have tons of unused space all over their house, and all it takes is having someone else point it out. There’s space above the doorways, just begging for a shelf to be installed. There are empty corner nooks, waiting to be filled with your favorite books. Stairwells are begging to be transformed into a little extra seating for a fun place to play. Open your eyes, and you’ll start seeing storage spots all over.

Other areas to store things that usually go in basements include under beds or inside a bench, on the top shelves in closets, or on the back of a door. And, we haven’t even gotten to the garage yet!

How to Organize Basement Items in Other Rooms

Now your mind is probably buzzing with all the new places you can store your stuff. Hooray! But, exactly how will you organize everything in these newfound spots? Here are some ideas:

1. DIY Clothing Rack

If you’ve got a random, open nook somewhere in your house, congratulations! You’ve also got yourself a new closet. Pick up a clothes rod next time you’re at the store and install it in the nook. Add a curtain if you want, or just leave the space open for display. This is the perfect spot to put coats, kids’ costumes, your going-out dresses, and more.

2. Shoeboxes

Whether you have a basement or not, shoeboxes are almost always something worth being saved. Collect shoeboxes from friends and family, then start stacking them in closets and under the bed. Remember to label the boxes with masking tape or a sticker and permanent marker. You’ll soon have a very organized collection of your smaller belongings, such as craft supplies, socks, or toys.

3. Binders

Not sure what to do with all of those important documents? Don’t leave them floating around in boxes and containers. The best way to organize papers is by putting them in a binder with a protective sleeve. Add some dividers and you’ve got yourself a great system that won’t leave you sweating every time you start searching for your social security card.

4. Wall Hooks

Hooks! Oh, how we love hooks. Wall hooks can turn a boring wall into a pretty wall, and they can also turn a blank slate into an organizer’s paradise. Install hooks in the back of a closet, along a hallway, in the entryway, or anywhere else you see potential. Use them to hang clothes, or get creative and start hanging tools, kitchen supplies, and more.

Getting Started

Now that you know the best tips for organizing your home without a basement, you can stop worrying about where you’re going to put all of your stuff. There’s no need to throw it all out or drop big bucks remodeling your home-just do a little innovative thinking instead. Now, go get organized!

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