Now that winter is here, it becomes immensely important for someone to not only take care of yourself and family, but also the things you care about! If I have to be honest, winter is for warm evenings by a fireplace (with some firewood and fuel help from a company similar to a Long Island heating oil venture called Romeo’s Fuel), hot cocoa and just plain mushy happiness! But what about the different kinds of equipment you hold so dear?

Well, you might already use boat shrink wrap to protect your fishing boat from the weather during the winter, and you should treat your fishing rods with a similar level of care. Your fishing rods are your babies. They take you to your happy place: out on the river, with just you, the water, the minnows-and hopefully your next big catch. Remind yourself of the time when you would have travelled to your favorite places, perhaps somewhere in Los Suenos, where you might have taken your babies on a chartered boat (possibly hired with the help of firms similar to Costa Rica fishing charters) to give them a taste of fresh-water fishing. They accompanied you, got some good breeds of fish for you, and possibly made you feel like the king of sportfishing. But there’s a lot around you that could threaten the integrity of your favorite gear, including dogs, cats, babies, temperature changes, and moisture. You want to protect your rods from harm.

Whether you’re a fishing novice or a long-time pro, you may still want more tips on how to store fishing rods in the garage without damaging them. So how do you store a fishing pole in a garage? We’ve got all the tips you need to keep your fishing poles in pristine condition, ready for your next adventure.

How Do You Store a Fishing Pole in a Garage?

There are tons of inventive ways to store fishing poles in a garage. But first things first. Here are some general dos and don’ts to always keep in mind:

  • Don’t put your fishing poles in direct sunlight. Sure, you may spend all day out on the lake or river with your fishing pole, but that doesn’t mean it should be exposed to constant sunlight while it’s in storage. Preserve the life of your rod by keeping it out of the sun.
  • Keep your fishing poles dry. Many fishing poles have handles made of cork or foam, which can easily mold and rot if exposed to too much moisture. Play it safe, and keep your poles out of damp, humid areas of your garage.
  • Don’t let your fishing poles get too hot or cold. If you live in a place with intensely cold winters or blazing hot summers, you may want to think twice about keeping your fishing rods in the garage. They’ll last much longer in a temperature-controlled environment, where they can avoid extreme temperature swings.
  • Store fishing poles off the ground. Fishing poles are less likely to rot, mold, or be damaged if you store them off the ground. So hang your fishing rod holders or your vertical fishing rod rack at least a foot above the garage floor.
  • Keep your poles away from falling objects. You may think your rods are safe, and then a can of dried beans comes tumbling off a higher shelf, breaking your rod and your heart all at once. Avoid tragedy: store your rods away from any objects that might fall and damage them.

How Do You Store Fishing Equipment in a Garage?

All right, now you know the rules for your fishing poles. But we’ve still got to answer this question: How do you store fishing equipment in a garage? What tools and products keep them in excellent condition? Here are some ideas:

  • Install two wall shelves and align them vertically, with several feet in between them. Then install storage bins below the shelves to act as a floor for your fishing rods. Use hooks to separate your fishing poles and store them vertically.
  • Secure gravity hooks or vertical bike hooks to the wall of the garage. Use storage bins as the base and store your poles vertically against the wall.
  • Buy a pre-made fishing rod rack and store it inside a garage cabinet to keep it away from humidity, sunlight, and falling objects.
  • Get bins or a complete 3-drawer cabinet to store other fishing gear like fishing wire, hooks, sinkers, and more.

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