Figuring out how to organize garden tools in the garage can be overwhelming, especially if you have other items to store and, well, want to park your car in there. How do you organize your garage full of…everything? Fortunately, there are tips and tricks you can use to create the space you love. Use this guide, plus a few helpful storage components, to get started and help you give everything its own place.

How Do I Maximize My Garage Space?

The first step in any major organization project is to get everything out where you can see it. Throw out anything you don’t need and anything you have multiples of. If you have items that are broken and you are unable to repair them, get rid of those as well. Once you’ve cleared the unnecessary clutter, use the following tips and tricks to maximize your garage space.

How Do I Organize My Yard Tools in My Garage?

Sort items into piles by category, type, or size. Like items can be stored using similar solutions. For example, rakes and shovels will probably go together along one wall. Battery Operated Power Tools should be stored with their corresponding cords and batteries so you don’t need to hunt down all the parts before starting a project. Once you can see exactly what needs to be stored, it will be easier to make a plan for where it will fit and to figure out what you need to make that happen.

How Do I Store Garden Tools?

The next step is to measure the space you have available to use in your garage. Remember that not every wall needs to have rows of shelves or large cabinets, although if you have room, they are extremely beneficial. A smaller space can still be put to good use with hooks and hanging bins. Maybe you want to keep your gardening gloves near the door for easy access, rather than in a box or cabinet with your tools.

How do you organize your tools? Check out some of our favorite garage storage solutions below.


  • Cabinet Kits and Individual Cabinets: Cabinets are perfect for holding containers, pots, sealable fertilizers, chemicals, and anything you don’t want on display. They are also a great place for garden power tool storage.
  • Slatwall Panels or Hook and Panel Kits: Slatwall panels and hooks are a great way to create wall storage. You can create your own garden tool rack that makes it easy to quickly find what you need. Design a wall with a spot for each rake, shovel, broom, and any other tool that is too large to fit in a bin or cabinet. Or use panels to hang bins for smaller items.
  • Shelves: Shelves can be used for a variety of items, from decorative pots to fertilizer. Remember to keep chemicals on higher shelves where pets and children can’t reach them.
  • Hooks: Hooks can also be used to create a garden tool storage rack for hanging items like hoses, aprons, and other tools.
  • Bins: Bins and boxes come in a variety of materials and sizes and can be used to hold small or oddly shaped items. Hanging bins are great for gardening gloves, small trowels, and rakes, or you can divide seed packets among several bins.


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Learn more about how to organize garden tools in a garage and the storage solutions to create a space you love. Check out our products and accessories at to find everything you need for the ultimate garage yard tool organization setup!