Figuring out how to organize sports equipment in a garage can be a daunting task. You might have accumulated an array of bats, balls, bikes, and other odd-shaped items that are awkwardly taking up space and getting in your way. Especially if you are a sports fanatic who follows all the game scores, probably go and see live matches in the stadium (to buy tickets, click here!), you can have a lot of souvenirs stowed in your garage. We’re ready to help you with such situations. This three-step guide can give you all the tips and ideas you need to conquer sports gear storage in the garage.

1. Sort & Purge

The first step in any organization endeavor is to take inventory and get rid of anything that is broken, missing parts, or outgrown. Donate or throw out anything you don’t need, and sort the rest into like items. if you’ve got some of the best paintball masks on the market and you regularly go and play, don’t throw them out. If you’ve got some old tennis rackets which you haven’t used for years, get rid of them!

Take a second look at your stash to see if there are items you have multiples of. Decide which ones you most need or want to keep, and get rid of the rest.

2. Use Wall Storage

The next step in garage organization is to use your wall space to your advantage. If you can get items off the floor and into a designated spot on the wall, you won’t find yourself tripping over jump ropes and shin guards while carrying in the groceries anymore.

Sports equipment wall storage can come in several forms, so decide which are best for you based on the amount of space you have and the types of items you need to store. Hooks, shelves, cabinets, and slatwall panels are some of the best and most versatile options.

  • Hooks – Use hooks to hang hula hoops, jump ropes, bicycles, and even non-sports items like hoses, tools, and cleaning supplies.
  • Shelves – Shelves come in many sizes and can be hung at different heights, making it easy for kids to reach their equipment and put it away.
  • Cabinets – Cabinets are one of the most popular garage storage ideas because the cupboards and drawers make it easy to hide clutter out of sight.
  • Slatwall Panels – Slatwall panels can be hung on walls and used to attach hooks, magnets, containers, and more to maximize garage organization.
  • Sports Equipment Rack – A customized rack can be created using slatwall panels and accessories to hold various items, including skis, bats, and golf clubs.

3. Organize Sports Equipment Storage Benches & Bins

Bins, boxes, and benches can be used as alternatives to wall storage or along with it. Sports equipment storage benches are multi-functional, holding sports gear and providing a place to sit. Keep one near your workspace for your kids to sit on when they want to see what you’re up to or help you with projects.

Bins and boxes can be stored on shelves or on the ground against the wall where they can be easily accessed. They are great for items that are only used seasonally and don’t need to be out year-round. They are also useful for small, loose items, like balls, knee pads, and shin guards.

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