When you store your gear at home, you want to take advantage of all of your garage storage options. If you have limited garage space, or you just have a lot of stuff to store, you may have struggled to choose between two popular garage storage solutions: vertical and ceiling. We’ll help clear up some of that confusion by breaking down the pros and cons of both storage systems, so you can make the best storage decisions for your garage.

Vertical Storage


The Good

When you use vertical storage bins or slatwall paneling, your gear is easier to find. You simply look at your wall, and you can easily locate just about anything you need.

In the same vein with vertical storage, you can keep your things better organized in individual bins and shelves. When your stuff is well within your reach, it’s easy to label and rearrange it.  

Vertical storage allows for a variety of different storage solutions. On your wall, you can arrange slatwall shelves, slatwall hooks, and garage storage cabinets any way you like.  

The Not-So-Good

Vertical storage can be limited by open wall space, such as walls with doors and windows. Keep this in mind when looking at vertical storage to make sure you have enough wall space for what you are planning to install. It might be a good idea to look into tips for creating space in your garage if you go with vertical storage.

Ceiling Storage


The Good

Overhead storage keeps your stuff out of sight and out of mind. When most of your gear is stored up high, you have less clutter lying around the garage.

Overhead storage solutions leave more space in the rest of the garage. If you need an open area for your workspace, or even just your cars, a number of garage overhead storage ideas can help you get that extra space.

The Not-So-Good

Storing stuff up high means it’s more difficult to access when you need it. You might have to pull out a ladder to reach it, and you may even have to pull a car out of the garage. Since that can be a hassle, putting things you only use once in a while in your ceiling storage is a good idea.

Every person is different, which means every garage is different, too. You’re bound to have your own individual garage needs, based on how much gear you have and how much space is available to you. Hopefully, this list of the upsides and downsides of vertical storage and ceiling storage helps you plan your storage configuration and maximize your garage space.

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