What’s the hardest thing in your home to organize? I’ll bet it’s the junk drawer.

Junk drawers develop because of all the small items that don’t really seem to have a home. Finding a place for knickknacks or tiny pieces can be difficult, but the right storage system can get rid of that clutter forever.

Flow Wall’s Small Hard Bins are the perfect storage tool if you have this problem. They are made of sturdy polypropylene and are clear, so you can easily see what’s inside each bin. Plus, each bin is designed to hold up to 30 pounds!

Our small hard bins come in packs of five, so you’ve got enough to store multiple items, eliminating that junk drawer for good. Not sure what you would fill your bins with?

Here are some ideas to get you started using these storage bins to organize!

1. Nails, Screws & Bolts

Clean up your workspace in a jiffy using these small bins. They’re the perfect size for holding small tools like nails, screws, nuts and bolts. They also make these tools easy to access—no more digging around in a toolbox or opening crowded drawers!

2. Cup Holder

Whether you’re at the tool bench, weeding the garden or throwing steaks on the grill, these small bins provide the perfect space for you to store your delicious beverage. Moving the cup high and off the ground eliminates the risk of spilling your drink, even when the kids are caught up in a game of tag.

3. Rubber Bands, Pins and Magnets

This tip is perfect for organizing your workspace. Use these bins to store small office items like paperclips, rubber bands, corkboard pins and other objects that can quickly clutter your desk. They also work great in craft spaces for holding beads, thread, buttons and more!

4. Work Goggles

Plenty of garage storage space is critical because the handy craftsman knows how important safety is when working with power tools. Make sunglasses and work goggles easily accessible so you never have to delay a project because you can’t find your shades.

5. Gloves

We use all types of gloves outside. Strong work gloves, gardening gloves and snow gloves can all get mixed up and lost as the seasons change. Keep track of the handwear you need for every season by using these small bins to store seasonal items. If you have extra space, throw ski goggles, ear muffs and hats into the mix as well.


6. Seeds

These small hard bins provide the perfect filing system for your seeds. Stop digging through bags of disheveled pouches and store seeds in these convenient bins for easy access. Organize them by plant groups or alphabetically to become the garden master the whole neighborhood envies.

7. Toys

How many times have you stepped on a lego or toy car? Ouch!

Get those tiny toys out of the way with these small storage bins. Perfect for jacks, marbles and Barbie’s clothes, you’ll never have to worry about tripping over toys again. And kids can speed through clean up time because they don’t need to pull out drawers or dig through big storage bins.

8. Rock Collection

Every child loves keeping the treasures they find when playing in the yard. Encourage kids to organize their special finds in these easy-to-access bins. To turn the fun into a learning experience, label the bins with rock types like igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. The kids will love learning about each rock type as they put their discoveries in a safe place.

9. Golf Balls and Markers

While golf is a great example, these bins can work for any sport’s storage needs. Store skateboard and snowboard tools, badminton and tennis balls, or golf tees and headcovers in their own, individual spaces for easy access as you head out the door to play.


10. Sunscreen and Bug Spray

It makes sense to have these outdoor items at the ready whenever you’re outside. You won’t forget to reapply sunscreen and keep insects away before you get bitten when these essential items are easily accessible.

11. Firestarters

If you have a firepit or like to light up your yard with sweet smelling candles, storing matches and lighters is a priority. Instead of digging through your kitchen junk drawer or forgetting to put the matches away in a rain storm, keep these firestarters on hand using small storage bins.

12. Seasonings

Keep a stash of barbecue seasonings by the grill to have your own personal supply of spices. Salt, pepper, garlic and more fit perfectly in a single container so your meat can be seasoned every time. This can also be a great place to store herbs and sauces for outdoor cooking.

13. Paint Supplies

These small storage bins are perfect for holding paints, brushes, sponges and other creative materials. Eliminate messy crafts and paints from your home and safely store those items in the garage or shed where they’ll be organized and out of the way.


Multi-purpose storage tools like Flow Wall’s Small Hard Bins are the perfect storage solution because of their versatility, easy-access design and durable construction. Not only will these bins solve a number of your organization problems, but they’ll also hold up after years of use.

Are these storage tips not quite what you need? Take a look at our larger clear bins, designed to meet your bigger storage needs.

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